Feb 24 2003

Ah, the last day laying down rhythm tracks for the album, this has gone by so fast! Matt, Tim, and I are very pleased and exited with the album's current progress. Moving right on schedule today we went over all the tracks MANY TIMES and made our final adjustments (thanks Matt) lol just kidding! Attention to detail is our main concern so you will not be disappointed. We are going to bring you one awesome album!!!

As I said before it really sounds like our live performance because it was recorded live in the studio... It really captures the energy that is released on stage. As the recording process presses on over these next couple months we will be laying some lead guitar & vocal tracks, mixing the album, and all that good Ju-Ju!!!

This weekend has been a great learning experience as well as a whole lotta fun for all of us. Thanks Matt at Northlake Studio for his knowledge and expertise in making the album thus far and for the relaxed, fun environment that was provided for us. I can't wait to be back! Well people, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it and keep checking in for updates, thanks and God bless!