SaLvAgEd NeWs

February 22, 2014

SaLvAgEdLANDERS!!  I've missed you!  First off, I apologize for the extra-long hiatus.  I've been out seeing the world, doing lots of traveling, kayaking, & started building the new SaLvAgEd recording studio.  I call it "Groom Lake Studio".  You may have seen it listed in the liner notes of the AMJ album.  It was a mobile studio at the time, but now, its becoming a full-fledged reality.   It has an 11 foot tall vaulted ceiling, a large "live" room & a control room.  There's still a lot to be done, but it's coming.

In other news!!  Bill Shoemate & I have teamed back up, to work on the 4th SaLvAgEd installment.  We have a very special guest pulling some guitar duties.  I'll announce his name at a later date.  His playing is incredible...  you're gonna love it.

That's all for now!


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